Friday, June 25, 2010

Footsbarn in London and Amsterdam -- and Katie Duck in A'Dam too!

London, United Kingdom
25 June to 04 July -- Sorry ! That's Life
at Victoria Park (in the Footsbarn Tent)
presented by Barbican in Association with Tower Hamlets Council

Amsterdam, Netherlands
09 July to 24 July Sorry ! That's Life
at Theater Carré

Sorry! That’s life: crazy, sometimes mysterious, musical, moving or dynamic, and full of humour. Language plays no role here. There are violinists, opera singers, gravediggers, clowns, horses, ducks, gypsies, children, dogs, goats, dead bodies, technical feats, vehicles and a grand finale...
The phenomenal Footsbarn Travelling Theatre, created in the 1970s, has always been a welcome guest in Amsterdam, eg. during the celebrated Festivals of Fools.

Theater Carré is across the "narrow bridge" over the River Amstel, and was most famous during my time in Amsterdam for being the scene of a magical concert by Van Morrison in the early 70's.

Katie Duck (above) and Alfredo Genovesi are doing performances from July 5 through 9 at Studio Seven in Amsterdam: (from her website)
This July 2010 she will collaborate with Alfredo Genovesi (electric guitar + electronics) as a musician and as part of the daily feedback and discussions.
Her warm-up and exercises emphasis how the eyes and the ears work in co ordination with movement, sound and exposure to gathered crowds altering our perception of time, space and emotions. Improvisation sessions revolve around the terms pause, flow, exit and presence as choices with discussions articulating play, memory, intuition and feelings.
Her aim is to provide a situation where artists can practice together and grow in confidence toward public performances with an objective to share her views about improvisation not being the antitheses of choreography or composition but rather the way the choreography and composition can be executed, that the mental connection to this practice can be accessed weather they are doing set or open framed performance pieces ...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Fortune for Frankfurters! Mir Caravan 2010

Ton Und Kirschen Wandertheater (Clay and Berries Touring Theater)

Perpetual Motion Machine

A fantastic material and movement Theater:
A wooden stake like a ship's mast rises into the sky.
Steel rings with ropes and two lamps are a simple large face. It moves the jaw to a broad borne aria. Demolished looking uniformed circling the structure at a run, call in foreign languages, and bring small and large figures into the game. In this production unfolds all the wealth that arises from the combination of the different cultural backgrounds of our actors and musicians. A theatrical moment that is not tied to a specific source text – a story that has the logic of dreams.

Mir Caravan 2010 stops in Frankfurt-on-Main, Germany June 18th to July 03.

My friends Margarete and Nelson in Perpetuum Mobile.

Ton & Kirschen are an offshoot of Footsbarn Theatre. Davy Johnson, his and Maggie Watkiss' daughter Daisy, and Margarete Biereye are performing on June 24, 2010 with the rest of their fine group -- they are just one of many companies touring with the Mir Caravan!

Check out their English-version Site.

Friday, June 11, 2010

In the Midnite Hour -- Mir Mir Mir!

From side to side on the photo (from the right) : Arnaud Gavroy (Deputy-mayor of Namur), Bernhard Bub (Company "Antagon TheaterAKTion"), Danièle Marty ("Compagnie du Hasard" and ICE Colectivo), Marcin Keszycki (Teatr Osmego Dnia), John Kilby (Company "Buchinger's Boot Marionettes" and ICE Colectivo), Slava Polunin, Jean-Guy Solnon (L'Artmada) and France Everard (Company "Les Arts Nomades")

The first weekend of Mir Caravan 2010 begins with a play by Václav Havel in Brno, Czech Republic.

From their website:

Décidés à mettre en lumière les changements intervenus depuis la chute du rideau de fer, à continuer de questionner les frontières et les idéologies et à mettre l’accent sur la nécessité du dialogue et de la coopération interculturels dans l’Europe du 21è siècle, les initiateurs de MIR Caravane 89 reprennent la route à travers un périple artistique qui reliera Brno, Francfort-sur-Main, Villeneuve lez Avignon, Namur et Moscou durant tout l’été 2010.

Un village itinérant qui réunira les 4 coins de l’Europe, la Russie et l’Afrique! Spectacles, rencontres, mini concerts, expos, performances et autres surprises seront au programme de chacune des étapes
Convoi exceptionnel  !

Babel Fish Translation:
Decided to clarify the changes occurred since the fall of the iron curtain, to continue to question the borders and the ideologies and to stress the need for the dialogue and the co-operation intercultural in Europe of the 21è century, the initiators of MIR Caravane 89 take again the road through an artistic tour which will connect Brno, Frankfurt-on-Hand, Villeneuve lez Avignon, Namur and Moscow during all of summer 2010.

An itinerant village which will join together the 4 corners of Europe, Russia and Africa! Spectacles, meetings, mini concerts, expos, performances and other surprised will be with the program of each stage. Heavy load!

They HAVE promised to send out English/Bilingual updates, and Elza Lacotte made a start on Facebook -- we'll wait for their other sites, but we'll also be laughing at Babel Fish in the meantime! Hmmm -- THIS one is fairly coherent (for Babel Fish):

Divadelní Svět Brno 2010 Czech Republic
From the 11 at June 19, 2010 IN COLLABORATION: with the Festival Theatre World Brno 2010

Theatre World Brno 2010! This international festival of theatre proposes many spectacles in the streets as on the scenes of the theatres of Brno. Spectacles, exposures and workshops for the children will strew these 5 day-events… and to finish in beauty, a procession-carnival “the Festival of the Masks”!
The event is inaugurated this year by Václav Havel.

For this weekend's schedule (in perfectly understandable French-language graphic form) GO HERE

My friends in Ton und Kirschen Wandertheater are playing Tuesday, June 15.
Details (in French) HERE