Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Joining the Circus!

Webmaster Mike got an email from Rob Owen, one of the enrollees at the International Mime Festival and Institute in LaCrosse, Wisconsin 1974! He has an interesting story to tell:

...that seemed to be the pace of things there, too much to do and no where near enough time. I got to see Dimitri's second performance and have had the pleasure of seeing him again since then. That was probably the highlight for me though experiencing that much mime in one place at one time was a highlight in itself. It was great to read about and remember the Wonder Bar, arrival of the Friends Roadshow and their show, and think of the many other things that happened at all hours of day or night that weren't part of the schedule.
I haven't done much mime since then though I know it has been a big help when I did some circus clowning and acting. My path after the military was touring with circuses for thirteen years and then working at a family theme park in NH for the past twenty.

Read it HERE (scroll down):