Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Special Edition -- Katie in San Francisco and Mexico!

San Francisco: March 30 to April 6

"California, here we come!"

KUNST-STOFF Arts -- 1 Grove Street, San Francisco, California 94102 Tel: 415.777.0172 info@kunst-stoff.org

Webmaster Michael will be on hand for video -- only in San Francisco.

Katie & Alfredo in Guadalajara:

A photo from the B&W past -- ain't Alfredo!

Facebook Page (In Spanish): http://facebook.com/events/230975187040607/

From 8 to 13 of April -- Escuela de Artes Plásticas del CUAAD / Belén 120 esquina con calle Juan Manuel - Centro

BLOG (in Spanish): http://encuentrointernacionalimprovisacion.blogspot.mx/

Katie & Alfredo in Mexico City:

Oh, THERE'S Alfredo, and that hard-working wig!

15 to 22 of April, 2013; 5pm to 9pm -- Realizando Ideas Nuevo León #46, Condesa,

Facebook Page (In Spanish): http://www.facebook.com/events/338482499586520/


The ICP Orchestra, based in Holland, will play across the Bay in Oakland on April 4, 2013 -- an amazing coincidence!
Ab Baars - clarinet/sax; Toby Delius - clarinet/sax; Michael Moore - clarinet/sax; Wolter Wierbos - trombone; Thomas Heberer - trumpet; Mary Oliver - violin; Tristan Honsinger - cello; Ernst Glerum - bass; Han Bennink - drums;
Duende Club -- between Telegraph and Broadway on 19th Street.

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