Thursday, January 21, 2010

well yep here then is the duck, with my house in the block on the left, third top window 3 to 6, and I recall sharply a meeting full of democratic hazards, finding red- and longhaired gregorowitz banging his head on the wall in the hall, stealing my heart in the act and one reason one day soon he is to be back in clown ghetto for a reanactment in front of my camera. Avaiable Jelly forever.
this here very photo reminds me of special affection I had for this eloquent dancer, who may have been a victim of a trick of mine. Ever since the boss calling me helping out his friends since april '73, I got sick and tired of all these ignorant backpacker artists either ringingmy doorbell ( Hi, I am a friend of J.) I recall sharply picking up a group of GSLMT"s at Amsterdam CS, loading them in my car, feeding them spacecake and consequently drove em trough, eventually passing a family statue, confusing em almost delibaretely to make em listen and not ask all these silly questions all the time. I even recall having painted the city map on my wooden floor. Matthew Child ( Hi, how are you, how come you never write anymore like you used to) may have been among the victims....
this here is the group picture of oud-valkeveen, probably shot by debra, with the guy on the left being ronald, my special assistant in those day, passed away in1998.