Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nina Cheney In Wisconsin

(Photos by John Weiland -- click to enlarge the image.)

Irrepressible Nina KNOWS mask making! Here's some pics of this Dell' Arte graduate and ace juggler getting her animations in motion at the Willy Street Fair Parade last weekend. (She's all "ducked out" in her finest for the left hand picture -- somebody else was swimming upstream in the fish during the parade.)

"Why a duck?" You'll just have to ask Groucho and Chico Marx!

For those who are following Katie Duck, it looks like she's going right up to the Volcano God -- tread lightly!

October 1-11 Iceland NORDPLUS Explorations in Music and Dance / EMD Network Improvisation Intensive Course Kedja Festival

Next on her agenda is Copenhagen -- too bad the Philyercarmonic Orchestra isn't performing. (Johnny Melville is in Barcelona, helping Jango Edwards with the Nouveau Clown Institute next month.)

October 11-15 Copenhagen, Denmark Skolen for Moderne Dans

Friday, September 24, 2010

Stuart Curtis in Oregon

Just as the title says: Stu will be appearing with the El Kabong Orchestra at the SeptemBEERfest, Saturday, 9/25 at the Benton County Fairgrounds. There will be 50 kinds of beer to sample, as well as food and entertainment.

Stuart Curtis (center) at the International Theater Festival in Denver 1982, along with Footsbarn members Greggo and Wimpy, plus two unknown musicians.

Stu mentions on Facebook: The fest goes from 2 pm to 10 pm. El Kabong is slated to start at about 7:30 pm. ... this event is a fund-raiser for Linn-Benton Food Share. Everybody eats!

From gazzettetimes.com: CORVALLIS -- About 1,200 microbrew-beer connoisseurs and crafters are expected ... for the third annual Septembeerfest. Organized by the Heart of the Valley Homebrewers club, the event brings together those who know the meaning of terms such as grain bill, sparge and wort ... Participants can select samples from among almost 50 specialty beer varieties not available in major grocery aisles.
...in addition to many local and regional microbreweries, samples will come from California, Hawaii and Pennsylvania. Even five beers from the prestigious Weihenstephan Brewery of Freising, Germany, which dates back to the year A.D. 1040, will be available.

What will not be available this year is home-brewed beers, the result of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s stepped-up enforcement of a 1979 law which limits consumption of homebrewed beer to the place where it was made. That is a restriction that homebrewers hope to repeal.

...To encourage designated drivers to attend, they have waived the $10 admission fee for them. ...Music will be courtesy of Wild Hog in the Woods, the Beaver Country Hot Air Band and the El Kabong Orchestra.

I found this information heartening: A shuttle will pick up those headed for Septembeerfest every half hour ... Corvallis Transit buses will be running free on Saturday ... Tasting is under tents, so that rain would not stop the fun ...

Did anybody see Katie Duck's Kidnap in Amsterdam last night?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dance Noir Strikes Again!


Friday Duck Projects
Zaal 100 Amsterdam
September 24, 2010 at 21:00 (9 PM)

Direction: Katie Duck
Performance: Lee Miri, Carla Bahal, Manuela Tessi
Film: Ilaria Honsinger
Music: Alfredo Genovesi

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Go here to find a list of events and performances in Amsterdam and abroad

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Katie Duck Performs This Week in Amsterdam!

There's something about Katie Duck (Right) that convinces people to bend over backwards ...

September 16 Bim Huis Matching Monday
Dancers: Makiko Ito, Katie Duck, Kenzo Kusuda, Peter Kadár, Lily Kiara, Marije Nie, Melvin Fraenk
Musicians: Felicity Provan (trumpet), Maraatsj (violin), Michael Vatcher (drums), Oscar Jan Hoogland (piano), Alfredo Genovesi (guitar), Konstantinos Vasilakos (laptop), Monica Akihary (stem)
Lights: Ellen Knops

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Go here to find a list of events and performances in Amsterdam and abroad

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

North Sea and Black Sea = SEAS

Chris Torch was an ally and acquaintance in my Amsterdam Daze -- He was a member of Julian Beck's Living Theater, and recruited beautiful Helena Van Danzig into their ranks. He also started a company in Sweden named Jord Cirkus (Earth Circus), and has been based around Stockholm since the late 70's. He's been organizing an incredible international exchange of artists between the Black Sea and Northern Europe for the last few years. The physical distances aren't really that great, but the historical and cultural divisions between the two regions are profound. I'm very proud to know a man who is doing such great work building human bridges!

From the SEAS/Intercult Newsletter:

SEAS Xpedition Turkey 15-22 September
SEAS X begins on the road. An expedition of over 30 people, SEAS artists and staff from all over Europe, will travel from Istanbul to Batumi. Along the way four stops are planned to spontaneously encounter local people and community groups. Animations - films, workshops, short presentations - will be the tools.
In August four pioneers made a trial trip as preparation for the SEAS Xpedition. The trip is reportedly bumpy at times, mostly welcoming and very exciting. Most of the SEAS artists have grown accustomed to new locations each with a different set of demands, this time eight new artists are joining the group.

The SEAS Xpedition stops and artists

SEAS X Batumi 22-25 September
The first ever international contemporary arts festival in Batumi and the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between SEAS/Intercult and Batumi State Drama Theatre, Caucasus Foundation and other local host organisations.
The program in Batumi presents contemporary art from the Black Sea North Sea regions. Performances, video and sculptural installations, theatre and more will be presented throughout the city. The SEAS artists are BADco., Mahir Gunsiray and Tiyatro Ouynevi, Anne Lise Stenseth, Katryna Radchenko, Vilna Scena, Nedyalko Delchev and Cristina David. Including two local performances by Ilia Chavchavadze Batumi State Drama Theatre and Valerian Gunia Poti State Drama Theatre.

The SEAS X Batumi programme

Anne Lise Stenseth to Artisterium Tiblisi
Anne Lise Stenseth has been invited to show the video installation The Kiss and Waste Project, 1-2 October at the Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition - Artisterium. The series of video essays portraying women across the Black and North Seas was developed during the SEAS touring. It gives a unique perspective on love, migration and family based on letters written to the artist as though she was their mother, sister or girlfriend.

Artisterium 1-2 October