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Winter Calls for the Moving Truck

Autumn says: Not until the Solstice!

ALL the Programs from the Festival of Fools -- 1975 to 1984.
An online collection of the programs from the Festival of Fools -- searchable, downloadable PDFs. (Thanks to Ed Baker, Marion Onnekink, Cor Schlösser, Sherif El Safourny, and T.I.N.)

(L to R) Webmaster Michael and Suzette Bronkhorst prepping for the first Amsterdam Festival of Fools in the old Theaterzaal at De Melkweg-- May 1975.

THIS Duck is flying North soon:

In.Da.Work.S presents: Improvisation workshop with (Magpie) Katie Duck (dance/performance) and Alfredo Genovesi (musician/performance)
For Professional performers and musicians or students in pro training / Venue in Glasgow TBC Price: £90/ student £80 / early bird discount -- if booked before October 15 (£80 full price / £70 students) November 23, 24, 25 Friday 18:00 to 21:00 / Saturday and Sunday 11:00 to 17:00 / The workshop will end with an informal showing in the venue.
Interested? Contact:

Katie and Alfredo were in Falmouth, England in early December, doing work related to the University there.

The Magpie Xmas course (December 28, 29, 30) in Amsterdam was cancelled.

January 25, 26, 27 workshop Dansimprovisatie Utrecht, Holland Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi. Workshop leads toward a performance on the 27th. To register go to:

Duck Allies

Sharon Smith and Gob Squad have started a new production called Dancing About. They are also doing Before Your Very Eyes in Paris.

OT301 -- Thursday, November 29, 2012 9:00pm
A night of usual and unusual pairs of dancers and musicians:
Lights: Ellen Knops With: Melvin Fraenk/dance+ Mikael Szafirowski/guitar Kateřina Dietzová/dance+Jong Kak Park(Kagi) electronics Nora Mulder/piano, cymbalum +Miri Lee/dance Makiko Ito/dance+Jelte van Andel/double bass Arvind Ganga/guitar+ Manuela Lucia Tessi/dance Thomas Johannsen/dance+Kim Jose Bode/recorders Renato Ferreira/double bass+Tom Goldhand/dance Malgorzata Haduch/dance+ Wilbert de Joode/double bass Laryssa Kim/vocals and performance+Alfredo Genovesi/guitar

Manuela Tessi -- Dancer, and administrator at OT301.

"Lucht" a Choreography by Miri Lee.
Muiderpoort theatre Amsterdam 
20:30 December 14

Dance: Miri Lee and Manuela Tessi
Music: Jong Kag Park
Lighting: Emese Csornai

Iris van Peppen leads a dance improvisation company in Utrecht, and she shot this wonderful photo featuring Magpie collaborator, Susan Van Den Berg:

Thalia Laric: ‎"Read the Moment" An Interdisciplinary Improvisation Performance in collaboration with Rhodes Drama department, ILAM and Rhodes department of Journalism and Fine Art 7pm Tuesday 13 November (Cape Town, South Africa)

Contemporary Dance Workshop in Bangalore with Georgiana Cavendish

Weekday Workshop: 12th,14th,19th and 21st december (3:45 to 4:45 pm) Weekend Workshop: 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd dec( 10:30 to 11:30 am
Connect Studio, 5th Floor, Sona towers, Millers Road, Bangalore

Jayna trained in Ballet and Contemporary dance at the Rambert School in London ... Her interests have led her to live and work in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, New York and India where she has continued her studies in dance, improvisation, contact improvisation and music. Jayna is also a singer and vocalist. Her interests lie mainly in improvisation and collaboration.
Contemporary Class: I teach a release based contemporary class with influences from somatic technique and floor work ... The movement material is built on spirals, flow and off balance. Music, rhythm and dynamic is emphasised to promote individuality and bring playfulness into our dance.
Improvisation Class: The aim of this class is to open paths to explore our individual body knowledge and intuitive responses to being in the moment ... Simple structures will allow us time to develop our personal dance and find freedom within our movement, whilst providing a platform for spontaneity to arise.

Maria Mavridou

Anna Porubcansky
COMPANY OF WOLVES WINTER TRAINING 2013 -- Singing Bodies, Moving Voices: An intensive eight-day physical theatre workshop. 11-18 January 2013, Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow (6pm start on first day, 11am-6pm all other days) Cost: £300
Led by Ewan Downie and Anna Porubcansky
The Winter Training is an opportunity to explore the process of developing an embodied performance practice in a rigorous, playful and supportive environment. Ewan is an award-winning director, writer and actor. He is co-artistic director of Company of Wolves and has been a member of Poland's renowned Song of the Goat Theatre since 2006. Ewan has worked worldwide as a director, teacher and performer in improvisation, devised, physical and text-based theatre. Anna is a performer and teacher specializing in the connection between body, breath and voice. She works in choral, traditional and improvisational song and composition, and has trained with Kristin Linklater, Jonathan Hart Makwaia (Roy Hart Theatre), and Katie Duck. She is co-artistic director of Company of Wolves.

To apply for a place please write to

Julyen Hamilton

Wendell Cooper was a long way from NYC -- in Nairobi, Kenya!

Footsbarn Theatre & Associates

Footsbarn is booked into the New Globe Theatre in London next year for The Indian Tempest

The Improfessionals of Paris are well into their season, with Clara McBride (R) back in the lineup after giving birth last Winter.

Daniel Rovai, Jimmy Sernesky, Stan Haywood, and other veteran Fools continue to liven up the Palace of Depression:

The Awesome Ladies of Dublin (see Christine's pic below) now temporarily include visiting Nouveau Clown Karin "Pipa" Angermeyer.

Nouveau Clowns

Johnny Melville is teaching and performing in South America:

Antipodal Johnny

... off to play in the first Santiago Street Theatre Festival (Chile) Workshop 27-28-29, then shows 30 nov/1 dec. Then 2-9 dec playing in Festival Anos de Picadeiro in RIO. Return to street festival Valparaiso 26-29 dec. Santiago 5-8; Cisco street festival 21-23 jan. Patoclown Festival Argentina in Bolson, and some more performances. Vals - 13 April workshop in Vals (Catalan) - april 20-28 (Then we make a short film from that.) Italy Torino workshop either before or after.

Justin Case is still making films in Sydney, Australia.

Enclownadas BufonClown -- Claudia Cantone and Daniela ConTe

TEATRO EL MONTACARGAS" C/Antillon 19 - MADRID Fechas: 22-23-24 de Noviembre a las 21,00h

Jango keeps rolling down THE ROAD

Stan Edwards in Turin, Italy 2012.

Sean Bergin (1948 - 2012)

Here's Sean, holding his daughter Thembi, at Friends Farm near Milan Michigan circa 1975, with Stanley Ted Edwards, Michael Novotny, and an un-named neighbor:

Too soon -- Stuart Curtis (1954-2012)

Martha Curtis: I was never more proud and moved than to hear my nephews Sam and Charles speak so beautifully at their father's memorial service. They are both such brave, loving, and bright men, and I am so blessed they are in my life.

Susannah Dole wrote: Here are just SOME of the bands Stuart Curtis has played with: 1. El Kabong Orchestra; 2. Guten Zeiten Band; 3. Mango Django; 4. Suzannah Doyle Trio; 5. Hilltop Big Band; 6. Heartland Big Band; 7. Salem Big Band; 8. Yachats Big Band; 9. Calamity Jazz; 10. Svens; 11. Oregon Coast Chamber Orchestra; 12. Available Jelly; -- which ones have I overlooked? :-) Kim Berry: Don't forget the band who adored him, the New Horizon's Band...he would always play clarinet if I asked him to... Michael Evans: Stuart was half the duo at the core of Great SL Mime Troupe's original full-time band, along with Paul Blackwell, in the summer of 1973. Stuart also performed at the International Mime Festival in 1974, and went to Europe with us all in 1975, alongside musicians Jan Fogel, John Fischer, David Carrillo, and Gregg Moore. Curtis also played with the Mime Troupe during Amsterdam's Festival of Fools in 1976, 1977, and 1978 -- the last of which introduced the long-running ensemble Available Jelly to the world. He worked with ex-Troupers Patsy Droubay, Debra Ryals, Hillary Elmore, and Jan Jaap Decker as part of the Creative Graffiti theater group in Salt Lake City, and after additional stints with Mainstream, The Jordan River Uptown Band, and the John Fischer Group he returned to Europe -- performing in Hamburg, Germany with the orchestra for Andrew Lloyd Weber's long-running musical Cats for over a deca The Mime Troupe's band split with the group in 1976, and called themselves "Expression" until 1977. Stu also was part of Friends Big Band (with Gregg Moore), that did arrangements by drummer Paul Holland. Ellen Beier told me about Stuart playing with a German Clarinet Ensemble too. Of course, Stuart also jammed with the late Sean Bergin of Friends Roadshow etc. etc. and was recruited for a gig or two with Jango Edwards (Full Moon Band). I heard Stuart doing a guest spot with the fabulous singer Liz Draper in Salt Lake City circa 1983 -- the LZ5 with Phil Miller (sax), and brilliant Julie Leuders (who left us too soon) on drums. Patricia Nelson Feltmann: I think he also played in Albany Swing Band. Rob Birdwell: Corvallis Community Theatre musicals, The Blowholes, combo gigs of all types... Colleen Dick: I saw him on a few occasions sitting in with the Rough Jazz Melvyn Garcia: Lincoln Pops Orchestra John Bliss: Stuart joined in with the Xtet several times at Bombs Away.

Trouper Gregg Moore, with his still-new Masters Degree from Harvard, is teaching around Arcata, California!

Look and listen to Gregg's "Ratty Old Tapes" on Relevant Music.
Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe (with Stuart!); Friends Big Band; Available Jelly; and even MOORE to come.

A Tradition Continues

Pat Droubay is performing mime-plays based on Dr. Seuss classics, with a storyteller and musician at various venues and ski resorts around Northern Utah.

Across the Blue Horizon

Cowgirl Tricks' Karen Quest toured the fairgrounds of the hot dry Western USA all summer and into the Autumn -- phoned me as she was passing my place in Utah.

Take a look at Cowgirl Tricks' Over Herd page.
Check out scholar John Towsen's wonderfully fun Craft and Art of Physical Comedy

The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus are touring the Eastern USA, and running their variety cabaret at Dixon Place in New York. They escaped the worst of Hurricane Sandy, but the NE United States was hit very hard by that storm.

Keith (Bindlestiff) Nelson and Rob Hicman are riding unicycles from one end of the Florida Keys to the other in early December 2012!

Percussionist Linda Anton Curtis dances in Florida:

Mandy Dalton and the Washington D.C. Clown's Cabaret are doing great work in the National Capitol too!

Classic Parliament-Funkadelic & Funky Disciples:

Funk Watching Time!

Shaunna Hall's Electrofunkadelica -- Tune in and listen while you surf the 'Net!

Besides the P-Funk All-Stars, keep your eyes open for the Eric McFadden Trio and RonKat Spearman's Katdelic from San Francisco; Graceful dancer Rasa Vitalia around The 'Bay; Kim Manning from the West Coast; Richie "Shakin" Nagan and the 420 Funk Mob out of New York. Freekbass touring out of Cincinnati, home of community activist William (Bootsy) Collins; PFAS lead singer Steve Boyd's solo work; Caddy Carol & Gabe (420) Gonzales gigging out of Detroit; Maceo Parker (Everywhere); DJ Soul Sister in New Orleans; Lady Miss Kier Kirby out of NYC -- touring in Europe this spring!

Webmaster Michael's E-Portfolio -- Check out DANCE HISTORIES!

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