Sunday, April 28, 2013

Springing between America and Amsterdam

After San Francisco: Mexico, San Diego,
and one more by The 'Bay:

Katie and Alfredo at Market and Grove Streets
Downtown San Francisco

Webmaster Michael got off the train and shot this video at Noisebridge Hacker Space in the Mission District of San Francisco:

Katie Duck, Justin Morrison, Christina Bonansea Saulut, and Alfredo Genovesi at "Hacker Space" March 30, 2013.

On Sunday April 28:
Freakatoni Witchy Sundays Single studio Eerste Nassaustraat 7 Amsterdam Doors open 19:00, performance begins 19:30, short break after the first set, €5 entrance fee
Set 1 Performance/dance: Katie Duck Music: Alfredo Genovesi / 10-15 minutes Performance/Dance: Carla Bahal / 10-15 minutes
Set 2 Music: Martin van Leusden (Drum), Jan Nijdam (Contrabass), FelicityProvan (Trumpet, Voice) / 30 minutes Dance: Miri Lee / 30 minutes
Duck Allies:
The ICP Orchestra played long, well, and loudly in Oakland on April 4, 2013:
Ab Baars - clarinet/sax; Toby Delius - clarinet/sax; Michael Moore - clarinet/sax; Wolter Wierbos - trombone; Thomas Heberer - trumpet; Mary Oliver - violin; Tristan Honsinger - cello; Ernst Glerum - bass; Han Bennink - drums;
Duende Club -- between Telegraph and Broadway on 19th Street in Oakland.

Matthew Child was also at the Duende Club that night. Paul Blackwell, Jan Fogel, and Michael Evans were there too, listening to that New Dutch Swing. All those ex-Mime Troupers in the immediate Bay during the week got to see and talk with Katie again. Christina Bonansea repeatedly performed with Katie, Justin Morrison, and Alfredo. She first publicly danced "with" Katie via Google Plus last winter in a live link-up between Amsterdam and San Francisco.
Justin is working on a performance called Weapon.
Christina is rehearsing for The Annex in San Francisco.
Sharon Smith, and Gob Squad, have been touring Canada, Australia, the UK, and (gasp) Germany!
Melvin Fraenk has been teaching and performing at Amsterdam Dance Centre.
Jaina Cavendish has been teaching in London.
Thalia Laric has been theatrically active in Cape Town, South Africa.
Abhilash Ningapa has been his own hard-working self in Bangalore, India.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gone too soon -- Our bandmate Stuart Curtis (1954-2012)


Look and listen to Gregg Moore's "Ratty Old Tapes" on Relevant Music. Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe (with Stuart!); Friends Big Band; Available Jelly; and even MOORE to come.

Whither/whereabouts of our other Ex-Troupers: Patsy Droubay, Barbara McCarthy, Hillary Elmore Carrier, Steve Rasmussen -- Utah; Debra Ryals, Gregg Moore, Jim Anderson, Jan Jaap Dekker -- California; David Carrillo -- Virginia; Mark Nelson -- Oregon/Hawaii; Evy Tessman -- Florida; Barbara Doherty -- Australia; Sharon Landau, Pete Wear -- England; Jimmy Sernesky, Jodi Gilbert, Michael Moore, Ernst Reiseger, Alan Purves -- Netherlands; Dan Robert -- NYC (1970's) John Fischer -- Michigan (1990's) David Zupan -- California (1980's) Wendy Loring, Amy Osgood, Nancy Lyon (USA, unknown); Deceased: George Kugler, Becky Berenson.

Footsbarn Theatre
The Indian Tempest is booked into the Globe Theatre in Central London from late July 29 to August 3, 2013. Some of the extended Footsbarn family also did:
Les ANTLIACLASTES à PARIS -- 16 through 27 April 2013 - Patrick Sims, Josephine Biereye, Zana Goodall
Ton und Kirschen toured in warm Colombia, South America over the winter.

Nouveau Clowns
N.C.I. Clown Master Class and Comic Formulas April 28th - May 26th 2013 Barcelona, Catalonia:

Jango is undertaking The Resurrection of Cabaret Cabron
Stan repeatedly explores different venues!
John Towsen's wonderfully fun Craft and Art of Physical Comedy

Karin 'Pipa' Angermeyer is bravely making Theatrical Art in the teeth of the worst recession of our lives!

Johnny Melville had a busy Summer in South America before returning to Spring in Europe!

Yaya Claudia Fuentes is performing in Chile.
Claudia Cantone was performing Cabaret Delicioso in Barcelona, Spain.
Cowgirl Karen Quest is striding the Western USA on her stilts, swinging a skillful lariat too!
Mandy Dalton is bringing laughs where they're needed -- in the Washington D.C. area.
Brian A. Bernhard, filmmaker of A Fool's Idea - An Exploration of Clown, won an Emmy Award!
Justin Case is still making award-winning films in Australia.
The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus presented its Cabaret in New York City, and also generously hosted touring Ringling Brothers clowns at the Bindlestiff's home base in Hudson, New York.

Funky Fellow Travelers
Jazz Fest in New Orleans featured P-Funk Mobsters from George Clinton to DJ Soul Sister, as well as RonKat, Eric McFadden, and Gabe Gonzales!

My friend, Cordell "Boogie" Mosson (1952-2013) Rest In Power!
Art by Overton Loyd


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