Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome New Team Members!

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Foots Barn Theatre in 1973, posing in the field at Trewen, just south of the actual barn, with the Seaton Valley over the hills behind them.
Front: Davy Johnston, dog Lorrian, Tank, Maggie Watkiss (sitting) unknown, Joey Cunningham, Sarah Dunkley and Richard Worthy. Rear: Serena Henderson, Maggie Bruce, Stevie Lawrence, Simon Fraser (on bench), Keith Bruce, unknown, Angus Fox, unknown, hidden, unknown, Nancy Foot holding Jesse Foot, Oliver Foot holding Mary Rachel, Kathy, John Paul Cook, Mike Novotny.
(Some of the unknowns may be members of Richard and Foxey's band Charley and the Widebouys. Those two were later part of a group led by Davy called Touch the Earth.)
I met Davy, Joey, and John Paul again in the Summer of 2006 at Footsbarn's base in France. I was friends with Foxey, Tank, Maggie Watkiss, Richard Worthy, Stevie Lawrence, and Michael Novotny when I lived in England. I met Serena, Simon, and Oliver as Footsbarn toured the entire county of Cornwall.
Mr. Foot no longer lived in the converted barn that bore his name at the time I was there, but he brought his young family to see our Beauty and the Beast pantomime during the winter of 1975-76 in the ancient town of Bodmin. (Listed in the 11th Century Domesday Book.) We had a full house and he was favorably impressed.

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