Sunday, February 28, 2010

In Appeciation of Jan Jaap Dekker

The Netherlands' own Jan Jaap Dekker was Stage Manager/Photographer/Artist for the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe in 1976. He continued to work with members of the company and De Melkweg on a regular basis until he up and moved to the USA in 1978.
He helped Stuart, Debra, and Patsy with his own talents when they started Creative Graffiti (see photo below). Utah couldn't hold him, and he's lived in Northern California since the early 80's. He got in touch with Patsy and Webmaster Mike last week via email, and we hope he visits this blog soon!

Debra and Patsy clowning and dancing in Creative Graffiti -- Photo by Jan Jaap Dekker circa 1978.

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