Friday, July 2, 2010

July Is Off To A Sprinting Start in Amsterdam (and Chicago)!

Duck Projects: KIDNAP
A music/dance/film Duck Projects event

July 2-3 Friday and Saturday studio seven Amsterdam 21:00 3 Euros entrance Direction Katie Duck / Music direction Alfredo Genovesi / Film Ilaria Honsinger Dancers: Lee Miri, Kristin Hatleberg, Nayana Bhat, Anne Wilson, Stina Nilsson, Talya Epstein, Laura Witzleben, Luanda Carneiro Jacoel, Giselda Ranieri, Zakia el Abodi, Astarte Athanasiadou, Joel Fritzon, My Grönholdt, Samara Escudero Hernández, Susana Salazar, Sheri Burt Musicians: Alfredo Genovesi (guitar and electronics), Tony Spina (drums), Krista Martynes (clarinets), Santiago Botero Rodriguez (bass)

The digital collage above is from Ilaria Honsinger's Travel video, which is part of the piece. The text below is from Katie's Website, with Ilaria's video and the music too:

A Kidnap I am awake Wakefulness challenged to move. Sleepless slithering past the tongue with a toss of awakening sugar coated efforts. More dry than juicy.
A solo in 2 parts
Film: Travel
Video mix. Speedy chillies winded in a race covered with Bilbao. A sudden appearance of organic figures mysteriously enters the pallet and speaks a tasteless language.
Music: Twin Peeky Souffle: Darkly roasted and sweetened events, coming to fruition every so often. Complete with flies in the soup & bad dreams, Alfredo serves up this mixed dish best with just a little hint of eggy paranoia.

Do any Troupers remember Justin Hammer -- Karen Bishop-Hammer's amazing son? (Besides you, Davy, of course!) His band is performing next week:
JUSTIN HAMMER BAND (live) at Schuim, the same place Davy played recently.
Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 9:00pm -- 12:00am
Spuistraat 189 Amsterdam,Netherlands. phone:020-6389357

HI FANS -- WE WILL BE PLAYING (LIVE) EVERY TUESDAY at Schuim ... till we go on tour much love ...

Inset: Justin Hammer, as sketched by M.E. in 1974. Main photo: The Justin Hammer Band 2010.

NEW! (Thanks to Nina Cheney)
The Emerging Improvisers Organization Presents:
Eric Boeren Quartet -- Sunday, July 4th 2010 10:00PM
Eric Boeren - cornet
Michael Moore - reeds
Wilbert De Joode - bass
Han Bennink - drums

The Emerging Improvisers Organization, based in Chicago, is a not-for-profit group dedicated to nurturing creativity, experimentation and artistic growth among the city's jazz musicians. Toward this end, we sponsor, organize, and promote live events that showcase local and nationally known talent representing a wide spectrum of jazz styles.

Most prominent of the group's efforts is the Sunday Transmission series held at The Hungry Brain: A Chicago "neighborhood" bar situated at 2319 W Belmont Ave, open every day except Mondays. The Transmission Series happens on Sundays at 10PM
Each week, the series presents jazz artists from Chicago and beyond, reflecting styles that range from improvised folk to free jazz. (Periodically, The Emerging Improvisers Organization stages live performances at other venues in the city.)

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