Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nina Cheney In Wisconsin

(Photos by John Weiland -- click to enlarge the image.)

Irrepressible Nina KNOWS mask making! Here's some pics of this Dell' Arte graduate and ace juggler getting her animations in motion at the Willy Street Fair Parade last weekend. (She's all "ducked out" in her finest for the left hand picture -- somebody else was swimming upstream in the fish during the parade.)

"Why a duck?" You'll just have to ask Groucho and Chico Marx!

For those who are following Katie Duck, it looks like she's going right up to the Volcano God -- tread lightly!

October 1-11 Iceland NORDPLUS Explorations in Music and Dance / EMD Network Improvisation Intensive Course Kedja Festival

Next on her agenda is Copenhagen -- too bad the Philyercarmonic Orchestra isn't performing. (Johnny Melville is in Barcelona, helping Jango Edwards with the Nouveau Clown Institute next month.)

October 11-15 Copenhagen, Denmark Skolen for Moderne Dans

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