Sunday, October 3, 2010

Barcelona Calling!

Jango Edwards unleashes the third round of his Nouveau Clown Institute, starting October 4, 2010

Besides allies like Johnny Melville and "Miss Mandela," there will be many Master Classes by folks I've never heard of, but are obviously there for good reasons. I got an intriguing message from one of them (partially quoted below):

NaNa DiviNa
1- Video CV ( in 2parts, artistic activities until 2003..);

2- TV Documentary about my 'I Love Burlesk Cabaret' ( 2007 );

On the volcanic hot spot known as Iceland:

Explorations in Music and Dance October 1 to 11 -- Artist Katie Duck and Musician Artist Alfredo Genovesi will be leading the Dance and Music Improvisation Workshop at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik.

Chris Torch and SEAS finished up a series of events around the Black Sea with Anne Lise Stenseth and her video installation The Kiss and Waste Project, 1-2 October at the Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition - Artisterium. ... a unique perspective on love, migration and family based on letters written to the artist as though she was their mother, sister or girlfriend.

In Washington D.C. -- George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars ROCKED the One Nation rally: Watch the You Tube Video HERE!

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