Friday, November 12, 2010

Doing the "Second Line," with an Umbrella ...

Henry Roeland Byrd AKA "Professor Longhair," the architect of New Orleans' distinctive polyrhythmic music after WWII. The legends vary, but I first read that his nickname was ironically associated with his first hit Bald Head in 1950.

Swampy Davey Funk-ifies Amsterdam!

Davey Norket showed his unique "swampy" rhythmic piano stylings to an appreciative public during a special New Orleans Gumbo Night in Amsterdam. He traded knowledge back and forth with musicians who had studied the bag of tricks known as "second line," the foundation of New Orleans Soul. The term comes from marching bands who lead street parades -- the big bass drum not only powers the professional musicians up front, but leads the clapping, singing, beating, rattling, dancing crowd in back as well. The shifting, back-and-forth interplay of rhythms mutated into a sound of its own, and showed up in great dance records the whole world still imitates.

Check out Davey's new music on his website.

November 8 - 14, 2010
Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi Bilboa, Spain
(In Basque country, on the north end of the Iberian Peninsula.)
Performances Katie Duck Alfredo Genovesi and groups 21:00 Bilboa, Spain L'Mono Fim

November 13 Saturday 15:00 Wonderland MLK music and dance for/with kids and family Maarten Luter Kerk (Dintelstraat 134) Amsterdam Dance/ Anna van Balen, Malgorzata Haduch, Makiko Ito Music/ Michael Moore, Mary Oliver, Natalio Suedo

November 14 Sunday 16:00 Wonderland #42– music and dance for/with kids and family OT301(Overtoom 301 1054HW)
Entrance 5-euro (kids free) Dance/ Leela Stokholm, Sayaka Akitsu, Or Hakami, Makiko Ito Music/ Michael Moore, Oscar Hoogland, Dana Jessen Lights/ Ellen Knops

Stuart Curtis continued to play in Corvallis, Oregon USA.
Gregg Moore wrote about Buster Keaton's masterpiece The General running in a 100 year old church in Northern California with a live band accompanying the action.

Barcelona Calling!

The Nouveau Clown Institute sponsors Cabaret Cabron every weekend at the club Freedonia.

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