Monday, November 22, 2010

Funk, Winter, and Fun!

There is so much happening as Autumn turns into Winter!

Davey Norket playing Gumbo Night in Amsterdam with drummer Toon Omen earlier in November.

Theater/Cinema/Circus scholar John Towsen wrote a piece about the Great SL Mime Troupe's long-separated friend Mamako Yoneyama on his blog John Towsen's Craft and Art of Physical Comedy. There are a number of eye-poppingly GREAT articles there -- especially an eyewitness account of Charlie Chaplin's grandson James Thiérrée in performance.
I will regularly direct your attention to that wonderful site!

Mamako Yoneyama -- each movement has meaning!

Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi Barcelona, Spain La Poderosa November 22-26

Jango Edwards -- Cabaret Cabron at Freedonia in Barcelona on November 27

Do they know it's Christmastime at all?

Happy Homicide December 10 Duck Projects Zaal 100 Amsterdam 21:00 Direction: Katie Duck Performance: Sharon Smith Film: Ilaria Honsinger Music: Alfredo Genovesi and Andy Keep

Washington DC's only Clown Cabaret (Yes, clowns who use naughty language) on December 13th at Fort Fringe on New York Avenue in Washington DC. ... and watch out out folks ... it's full on. Let's just put it this way -- we ain't twistin' no ^%$#@! balloons!

Jango's American allies Pat Cashin and Mandy Dalton are part of this monthly event.
2011 SEASON: January 10, February 14, March 14, April 11, May 9, June 13 The Shop at Fort Fringe - 607 New York Ave NW

We Want The Funk! Gotta Have That Funk!

From Funkateer Extraordinaire Gina Hall: Thank you San Francisco for funking up Yoshi's right and proper. You dropped a funk bomb so PHAT that you set off the fire alarm. When the fire dept arrived at the club, the first man in called it a "Code 4 - there's a SKUNK LOOSE IN THE BUILDING!! Nice!"
From P-Funk guitarist Shaunna Hall: Extra thanks to the local crew: Kevin & John from Tone Tubby, Alex Studer, Phil Milner & Jordan for helping us fly right! If you missed all the fun, don't worry, we'll be back in January (27)!

Kim Manning Hari Kartar on roller skates -- she specializes in singing Red Hot Mama with the P-Funk All-Stars

Singer Kim Manning Hari Kartar: Singing with pfunk (Saturday night) at Yoshis in SF -- upcoming tour for January -- plus I'll be out with George Clinton in Japan.

More from Gina: Nov. 19 -- members of Parliament Funkadelic sitting in with Stax Bros at the boom boom room after the p Funk show @ yoshi's...What a night
Who sat in last night Gina? RonKat (Spearman), Michael Hampton, Eric McFadden, Shaunna Hall, a flock of funkateers let by Dr. Illinstein they did Cosmic Slop, Red Hot Mama and We Want The Funk...props to the Stax Bros also, they get down. The audience went nutz ...

The rest of Funky 2010:
Dec 3 2010 8:00P -- B.B. King Blues Club & Grill New York, NY
Dec 4 2010 8:30P -- State Theater Portland, ME , US
Dec 9 2010 8:30P -- L.C. Pavilion Columbus, Ohio
Dec 10 2010 9:00P -- Stage AE Pittsburgh, PA

NEXT it's Japan for the Funk Mob!

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