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Dot Dash Ditty Dot Dash -- Dam' If I Know ...

As The Late Gil Scott-Heron Kinda Used To Sing

He wondered aloud why Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec were the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th months when their names meant 7, 8, 9, and 10 -- Well, Julius Caesar reformed the Roman Calendar to bring it in line with the seasons and inserted two months before September, one of which was named in his honor. His heir, the even-more-ruthless Augustus Caesar followed suit. BTW: There was no Year Zero -- 1 A.D. followed 1 B.C. (Before Christ) Herod I of Judea died in 4 B.C. Augustus taxed "the whole world" in 2 A.D. Those are verifiable facts, after that, Dot Dash Ditty Dot Dash -- Dam' If I Know ...

Amster DAM on the Horizon!

Music/Dance Performance Orgelpark
August 25 Thursday 20:15 Gerard Brandtstraat 26 Amsterdam
Dance and Performance/ Katie Duck, Vincent Cacalano, Lee Miri and participants from the Magpie Collective Workshop Orgelpark
Music: Jos van der Kooy (Organs), Alfredo Genovesi (Electric guitar and electronics)

Alfredo Genovese & Katie Duck

July 18 to August 20 -- Five week Music Dance Summer course Amsterdam Holland at Studio Seven. ... there are places left for those who wish to do one or two weeks (rather than the full five weeks). We will be adding classes and performance weekends to these lists through out the summer course period. The classes are open for anyone who wishes to enroll so keep checking http://katieduck.com

August 1 Monday 10:00-12:00 Silvia Bennett improvisation toward street performance 17:30-19:30 Oscar Jan Hoogland music dance game (toward performance)
August 3 Wednesday 17:30-19:30 Oscar Jan Hoogland music dance game (toward performance) 20:00-22:00 Kenzo Kusuda Practicing dance and performance.
August 5 Friday 10:00-12:00 Silvia Bennett improvisation toward street performance 17:30-19:30 Oscar Jan Hoogland music dance game (toward performance).
August 8 Monday 10:00-12:00 Abhilash Ningappa Yoga
August 10 Wednesday 10:00-12:00 Abhilash Ningappa Yoga
August 12 Friday 10:00-12:00 Iris van Peppen improvisation
August 14 Sunday18:00-22:00 Raakesh Sukesh contemporary technique classes inspired from Kalarippayattu

The MAGPIE improvisation summer course runs for five weeks (July 18-20) with workshops by Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi 13:00-17:00 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. There are spaces for performers and musicians to study with Alfredo and Katie one or two weeks at time (100 euros per week).

List of open classes from July 18 to August 20

List of performance weekends from July 22 to August 20

August 22-27 Five day Collective workshop Orgelpark Amsterdam Holland. To register go to katie@katieduck.com

Katie Has Restarted Magpie Music/Dance!

MAGPIE's Artistic Directors Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi are forming new groups out of a pool of past and present performers, and will continue to have the opportunity to place their work in an international perspective.
Read all about it HERE

Sharon Smith, Katie Duck's Friend & Ally:

Sharon's been on the road with Gob Squad, but she'll also be teaching and performing during Katie's Summer Dance Course.
See Sharon Smith & Felicity Croydon's amazing site maxfactory.org (Updated Flash Required)

More by Katie and Allies:

Freakatoni's Messy Weekends July 22 to August 20 -- Live music and performance Amsterdam 5 weekends Studio Seven / Eerste Nassaustraat 7, Doors open 20:00 / 2 sets each evening of 30 to 40 minutes each with a breakentrance 3 euros /Bring your own wine + beer -- we have glasses!

August 5 Friday -- Set 1 music dance game with summer course performers / Set 2 summer course performers
August 6 Saturday -- Set 1 Marek Jason Isleib and Alfredo Genovesi / Set 2 summer course performers

August 12 Friday
set 1 Sharon Smith + summer course performers
set 2 Sharon Smith, Robert van Hulzen, Katie Duck, Alfredo Genovesi, Santiago Botero Rodriguez
August 13 Saturday
set 1 Lily Kiara
Set 2 Lily Kiara, Katie Duck, Alfredo Genovesi
Summer course performers: Jasmine Attié, Guido van Hout, Malin Gebken, Shobhitha Yeluri, Adrian Ulri, Kristina Norri, Kagi - Jong kag Park (electronics), Noortje Köhne (viola), Marcela Lucatelli, Verena van den Berg, Mohan Gopalakrishnan Nair

Freakatoni's Final messy weekend:

Studio seven / Eerste Nassaustraat 7, Doors open 20:00 / 2 sets each evening of 30 to 40 minutes each with a break -- entrance 3 euros / Bring your own wine + beer we have glasses

August 19 Friday and August 20 Saturday summer course performers 2 sets each evening

Performance/ Jasmine Attié, Guido van Hout, Malin Gebken, Shobhitha Yeluri, Adrian Ulri, Kristina Norri, Verena van den Berg, Mohan Gopalakrishnan Nair, Raakesh Sukesh and Abhilash Ningappa

Music/ Alfredo Genovesi (guitar and electronics); Kagi - Jong Kag Park (electronics); Noortje Köhne (viola)

Week 5 Open classes / 5 eu per hour / drop in and pay the teacher

August 17 Wednesday and August 19 Friday 10:00-12:00 Sylvain Meret movement

Via Katie and Chris Torch: European Readers -- Act for culture in Europe and sign the We Are More manifesto now: www.wearemore.eu/manifesto
Culture Action Europe Rue de la Science 10 B-1000 Brussels

Chris Torch Is Thinking Big:

The CORNERS Project -- Four Xpeditions/Four CORNERS of Europe:
1. North -­ planned and implemented by Umeå 2014 and participating associate Partners. Planned Destinations: Sampi; Västerbotten (Sweden); Norway 8 -­ 21 August, 2011
2.Caucasus -­ planned and implemented by Intercult and participating associate Partners. Destinations: Georgia; Eastern Turkey; Azerbaijan September 27 to October 13, 2011

For more info -- contact INTERCULT (Sweden)

Barsham Faire and Albion Faire, East Anglia UK

Webmaster Michael got an interesting email from someone perusing the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Outline and Scrapbook:
We have in recent years collected an archive on the East Anglian Fairs of the 1970s/80s. We have just been donated some pictures from Barsham 1975 including a small series featuring George and his 'little princess' ... are busy creating an exhibition at the moment ...

George-O and Princess at Barsham Fair 1975, from a photo supplied by Warwick Moreton of Friends.

Barsham Faire is where George first met Johnny Melville, which eventually led to Kaboodle and Salatka Balloon Band coming to Amsterdam's Festival of Fools.
There is quite an active group documenting these East Anglian Fairs!
They made an informative Website,
but are collaborating on said exhibition via their blog HERE

The Old Stables Gallery (Corn Hall) 4-26 August 11am-4pm Mon - Sat FREE From Barsham to Albion –- an archive of material from the East Anglian Fairs of the 70s and 80s

Next year marks 40 years since the first of the legendary East Anglian fairs – which ran from 1972 to 1986 – took place. Their spirit of creativity, play and environmentalism was ahead of its time and has left a legacy today. The fairs became renowned for providing extraordinary theatre, music, installation art, artisan stalls and other entertainments, helping to establish the careers of many who have gone on to play an important part in the cultural life of Britain. The Corn Hall is celebrating these great happenings with an exhibition of posters, photographs, film, and assorted memorabilia from the fairs, including the ultimate monthly newspaper of alternative East Anglia, the Waveney Clarion. This exhibition will evoke memories for those who were there and will explain the magic and significance of the fairs to those who missed them.

Speaking of Friends (Roadshow and Mobile): Davey Norket is featuring The Friends Story: 'According to Dave' on his already-fun Website! (Click on the letter "U" to go forward, or the letter "T" to go back.)

The Latest From Footsbarn Traveling Theatre.

Rhona Pearce Says: Footsbarn Summer School -- based on The Tempest as a theme with improv etc we have Francois (Lecoq) doing movement and neutral mask etc; Jasmin doing voice; Fred(erika Haytor) doing masks; Mas (Sogeng) doing Balinese mask; Vincent (Gracieaux) and Paddy (Haytor) mentoring; Haka is doing some brilliant stuff -- it's all brilliant. And our group is so so lovely, so different and supportive and great!!

Daniel Rovai is in Amsterdam -- check out his movie Silent Sonata. (Slow Loader)

Related group Ton and Kirschen are currently rehearsing for their new production LA LUNA, which will premiere in August. At the same time they are preparing present shows KING UBU and PERPETUUM MOBILE to go on tour.

Another related company Buchinger's Boot Theatre will be developing an adult show called Petrology for next year.

French allies The Improfessionals are on vacation, But Clara McBride is carrying on the role Eavan Brennan and Natalie Portman are playing.

Footsbarn/Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Alumnus Gregg Moore has opened his musical vaults on the Internet:

(L to R) Start Curtis, Katie Duck, Gregg Moore, and Paul Blackwell.

Look and listen on Relevant Music.
Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe; Friends Big Band; Available Jelly; and even MOORE to come.

Nouveau Clowns

Barcelona's Kras Pataklan (administrates a Facebook page alerting all and sundry to performances of the Worldwide Baggy Pants Krewe called Clowns On The Road AKA (EN EL CAMÍ/EN EL CAMINO). Get your translating pages ready though -- the posts can be in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Italian, German or even English!

Movement Master Philippe Gaulier: CLOWN WORKSHOP -- 12/09/2011 - 16/09/2011 en BARCELONA en la Nau Ivanow 350 euros / 25horas Info & reservas: blayeva@hotmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Philippe-Gaulier-Barcelona/131920390213468

19/09/2011 - 23/09/2011 en MADRID Sala Triangulo 350 euros / 25 horas
WEB: http://www.facebook.com/l/NAQCUQ42JAQCQ7rRPdAHOFTnM1JDSodNgTKib3bkWk_4dfw/web.me.com/parnassus/Curso_de_CLoWn_con_Philippe_GaulierCurso_Clown_Philippe_Gaulier.html
Info & reservas: joandieznebot@gmail.com

August 25 8 PM -- The Buttonwood Tree, 605 Main Street Middletown, CT
Nouveau Clown Jef Johnson will talk about nothing.
Free and open to the public. Light refreshments to follow.

See Nouveau Clown Karin Pipa Wimmer at the European Juggler's Convention this summer!

Pipa is also organizing a Streetperformers' Forum during the EJC ...
Saturday, August 6 at 4:00pm - August 14 at 4:00pm.

EJC Munich 2011 6 -14. Aug. 2001 Munich Olympic Park http://www.ejc2011.org/
Enjoy the best extreme unicyclist Shows and Finals on August 13 -- BMW World.
The EJA is a non-profit association for European jugglers. Its main goal is to promote juggling in Europe, especially by ensuring that, each year, a European Juggling Convention (EJC) takes place in a different European city or town. In 2011 the Convention will take place in Munich - Bavaria.

Karin Pipa Wimmer's Sorcas Quircas Facebook Page

More Nouveau Clowning




“CLOWN THEORY” Brussels September 2011, 14th - 18th From 14.00 to 18.00
Information in English : fiesfreund@sunrise.ch
Information in French : +32 471/ 126 764 mirella.ge@gmail.com

“CLOWN MASTERCLASS” Festival Grock Imperia-Italy October 2011 10th to 14th
in order to apply, please send cv.

Johnny Melville and Jango Edwards continue to fool around the cinema. Check out Parade of Fools for the latest on their movie!


Across The Blue Horizon ...

ALL the programs from 1976 -- Thanks to Ed Baker!
Program Collection Project -- Festival of Fools 1975 to 1984.

An online collection of the programs from the Festival of Fools -- searchable, downloadable PDFs.
Do YOU know where any of the MISSING programs are?
Contact Webmaster Michael from the link above!

Percussionist Linda Anton Curtis plays Salsa Music every month, and goes dancing at the Gold Coast in Florida USA.

Stuart Curtis' satellite page about the Hamburg production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats is LINKED on the Outline and Scrapbook page of the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Saga-- plus the Handy Table of Contents.

Paul Blackwell was in Oregon and saw Stuart play with his big band.
He, Ellen Beier, and Sam Curtis also went to see Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams, with coincidental music by our friends Sean Bergin and Ernst Reiseger!

Watch out for more dynamic fun from the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus!

They are also performing at the Spiegeltent at the Fischer Art Center's Summerscape at Bard College, Anandale-on-Hudson, NY. The shows are on August 13 and 14, get your tickets now, these shows sell out. If you have never been into a Spiegelent, come experience Bindlestiff in one of the most luxurious locations!

Nina (Bird Woman) Cheney on the Eagle Optics Blog.
Check out Nina Cheney's Page from the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Outline & Scrapbook.

Nina and her daughter Callie saw Paul McCartney in Chicago -- the old Beatle still has it going on!

Nouveau Clown/CC regular Mandy Dalton wrote and directed the show Mythplaced in the DC area, and informed me that the Clown's Cabaret performances at Fort Fringe are NOT over: Next Fort Fringe Clown Cabaret: Monday, August 8!

A deeper blue lies across the blue horizon: Treat yourself to Justin Hunter Case in Sydney, Australia!

Classic Parliament-Funkadelic & Funky Disciples:

Shaunna Hall's Electrofunkadelica -- Tune in and listen while you surf the 'Net!

Keep your eyes open for the Eric McFadden Trio; Kim Manning's band Wanderlust on the West Coast; Richie "Shakin" Nagan out of NYC; Freekbass touring out of Cincinnati; Gabe (420) Gonzales gigging out of Detroit; Greg Boyer (Working quite a bit with Chuck Brown in Washington DC); Maceo Parker (Everywhere); and DJ Soul Sister in New Orleans.

The P-Funk All-Stars played a gig in Ohio -- after the show was over, there was a violent fight outside the venue. George's name and the group have been wrongly linked with this tragedy.

From Funky San Francisco, RonKat Spearman is leading Katdelic to Long Beach Funk Fest #3 Downtown Long Beach 1:00PM Saturday, August 20th.

Digitized from a photo by Gina Hall.

Dancer Rasa Vitalia works with Katdelic and without Katdelic:
August 4 Four Star Theater- San Francisco -- Live Stand-Up Comedy Showcase, 2200 Clement St., San Francisco, CA.
August 5 First Friday Follies- Oakland -- Rasa Vitalia performs at First Friday Follies, FLYER Stork Club, 2330 Telegraph, Oakland, CA.
August 6 Rasa Vitalia performs at the Women of Rock event at the Box Factory, 865 Florida St #1, San Francisco, CA. 11:35pm.
August 7 Rasa Dance Workshop! Time: 12:30pm-2pm ProMax Academy, 61 Cambon Dr., San Francisco, CA 94132, (415) 587-3834
August 11, 2011 Rasa Vitalia performs "Rasa Dance a Global Movement: United We Dance" at Cellspace Gallery, 2048 Bryant, San Francisco. 7pm. Celebration of Creation: Earth IS an Installation. Come & be interviewed about your feelings of change & hope on Rasa' performance for a movie!
August 12 El Rio - San Francisco Rasa Vitalia performs "Rasa Dance. Global Movement: United We Dance" Misson at Ceasar Chavez, San Francisco, CA
August 13 Roxie Theater- San Francisco
August 14 Rasa Dance Workshop- Vallejo, CA also Dance Unlimited 510 Georgia St. Vallejo, CA 94590
August 14 Ashkenaz- Berkeley, CA
August 25 Boom Boom Room- San Francisco, CA Rasa Vitalia performs at the 2nd Annual Sugar Booty Contest presented by Boom Boom Room & Katdelic.
August 4, 5, 6, 7, 26, 27, 28 Supperclub - San Francisco, CA
Dinner Anyone? Rasa Performs for the dinner show.

8/26/11, 11p Boom Boom Room, San Francisco, CA w/Katdelic -- Crowning a new Miss Sugar Booty with Special Guest Judge George Clinton!

Fan photo from Montreal by Eric Hudd.

Always keep an eye on Dee-Lite-ful Lady Miss Kier (above) -- DJ'ing in Canada lately!!

Webmaster Michael's E-Portfolio -- Check out DANCE HISTORIES!

(This blog continues to be be updated after the initial publication date.)

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