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Other Side of the Solstice

Webmaster Michael Settles Back In Montana And Reports To The World

Katie, Students, and Alfredo at Orgel Park -- photo by M.E.

Magpie's Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovese are off to Poland in October (not September).

After THAT: October 28-30 INTO THE VOID - THE ART OF BEGINNING Symposium / workshops + debate + showings - School of contemporary dance Copenhagen, Denmark: Writer and director Falk Richter; Writer, director and performer Lukas Bangerter; Performer, director and installation artist Signa; Architect, writer and director Rolf Alme; Performer and director Kristjan Ingimarrson;
Choreographer and performer Katie Duck
For more information go to this link

Sharon Smith, Magpie's Lead Singer:

Sharon's on the road with Gob Squad too.
See Sharon Smith & Felicity Croydon's amazing site (Updated Flash Required)
Here's a link to her Recent Work with Tom Parkinson.

More Ducky Allies and Associates:

October 3 Monday OT301 Overtoom301, AMSTERDAM Exploratorymusic from Poland + Amsterdam artists 21:00
Exploratorymusic from Poland is an on-going presentation of the most inspiring and interesting music recorded, performed or composed in Poland. The main focus is to present improvisation, modern composition and experimental electronics, as well as on creating live situations throughout Europe involving collaborations of Polish musicians with their local counterparts. 2011 will see an EMFP touring to Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris and Tokyo.
With: Mikrokolektw. Rafel Mazur, DJ Lenar, Konrad Geca, Tomek Choloniewski ans Cactus Truck, Angel Faraldo, Jong Kak Park, Lee Miri, Marek Jason Isleib

October 9 Sunday 16:00 #50 Wonderland -- Music and Dance performance for/with kids and family -- OT301 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam entrance; 5 euro/2 euro
Dance/ Sylvain Meret, Manuela Tessi, Makiko Ito
Music/ Alfredo Genovessi, Santiago Botero, Bernt Nellen
Light/ Ellen Knops

Silvia Bennett, digitized from her Facebook site by M.E.

Weekly class with: Silvia Bennett (It), dancer and choreographer Monika Stepak, Shiatsu therapist and Okido Yoga docent.
Every Wednesday -- Overtoom 301 Amsterdam
Starts: 18:00 h - 20.00 h Entrance: 12.00 euro or 4 x 40.00 euro

October 18, 19 at 8:00pm -- Korzo Theater Prinsestraat 42 2513 CE Den Haag
Kenzo presents a new program for which he collaborated with four completely different dancers hailing from China, India, Bolivia, and Senegal. Moved by natural phenomena and memories, he created a solo with each dancer ...

Sylvain Meret Movement Class:
November 2 to December 21 Wednesdays 2011 18:30 to 20:00 Global DanceLab - Borgerstraat 112, 1053PX Amsterdam / €10 per class / 8 classes block €60 / Open class 26 October 5 euro! Please register by email or call prior to the class. Contact: / 06-14 10 23 37

Sweden's Chris Torch Is Thinking Big:

The CORNERS Project -- Four Xpeditions/Four CORNERS of Europe:
Xpedition II: Caucasus -­ planned and implemented by Intercult and participating associate Partners. Destinations: Georgia; Eastern Turkey; Azerbaijan September 27 to October 13, 2011

For more info -- contact INTERCULT (Sweden)

Barsham Faire and Albion Faire, East Anglia UK

George-O juggling eggs at Barsham Faire 1975.

Barsham Faire is where George-O (above) first met Johnny Melville, which eventually led to Kaboodle and Salatka Balloon Band coming to Amsterdam's Festival of Fools.
There is quite an active group documenting these East Anglian Fairs!
They made an informative Website,
but are collaborating on said exhibition via their blog HERE

Speaking of Friends (Roadshow and Mobile): Davey Norket is featuring The Friends Story: 'According to Dave' on his already-fun Website! (Click on the letter "U" to go forward, or the letter "T" to go back.)

Footsbarn Theatre & Allies:

Fifteen years after it roped in Malayalee artistes for the hugely-successful Odysseus, Footsbarn Travelling Theatre of France is back in Kerala, this time with the Shakespearian play - The Tempest.

The Odysseus team would be part of The Tempest as well. “Footsbarn to set the play in India and premiere it in Guimaraes, Portugal, in May 2012 and later [undertake] a European tour to Spain, France, England and other countries. The team will then return to India for performances in October,” D. Raghoothaman, founder-President of Abhinaya Theatre Research Centre, told Deccan Chronicle.

Read the whole article HERE

Germany's Ton and Kirschen's new production LA LUNA, plus KING UBU, and PERPETUUM MOBILE are alternating on tour.

Another related company Buchinger's Boot Theatre are developing an adult show called Petrology for next year.

Footsbarn veteran Daniel Rovai is in Amsterdam, singing cabaret -- check out his movie Silent Sonata. (Slow Loader)

French allies The Improfessionals are preparing for their new season -- Clara McBride is carrying on the role Eavan Brennan and Natalie Portman are playing.

Ultra-foxy DJ Christine BeepBeep is spinning Hard Rock/R&B in Dublin, Ireland and Rachel Brady co-stars in Billy the Boat loves Angelina October 3rd until Saturday 15th, Liberty Hall (same town).

Footsbarn/Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Alumnus Gregg Moore opened his musical vaults on the Internet:

Look and listen on Relevant Music.
Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe; Friends Big Band; Available Jelly; and even MOORE to come.

Nouveau Clowns

Barcelona's Kras Pataklan administrates a Facebook page alerting all and sundry to performances of the Worldwide Baggy Pants Krewe called Clowns On The Road AKA (EN EL CAMÍ/EN EL CAMINO). Get your translating pages ready though -- the posts can be in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Italian, German or even English!

Kras (right) with Jango (wotta drag) Edwards -- check below for Jango's retrospective extravaganza.

Karin Pipa Wimmer's Sorcas Quircas Facebook Page

Pipa will be around Munich for Oktoberfest this year.

Clown Cabaret: One Year Anniversary Show!! Monday, October 10 · 8:00pm - 9:30pm
The Shop at Fort Fringe 607 New York Ave, NW Washington, District of Columbia
Created By: Karen Beriss, Rich Potter, Matthew Paul
Nouveau Clown/Clown Cabaret stalwart Mandy Dalton is working hard in the Washington D.C. area.

More Nouveau Clowning



“CLOWN MASTERCLASS” Festival Grock Imperia-Italy October 2011 10th to 14th

Starting on October 8th with his "Classics" show and a special presentation of ONE LIFETIME - 40 Years of Entertainment Jango Edwards will introduce the career retrospect project.
The first 8 performances of a season of 32 different presentations selected from more then 180 productions he has created in collaboration with The Friends Roadshow and numerous Nouveau Clown Artists -- every Friday for 7 consecutive weeks. There will be a seasonal pause and the retrospect will continue from January 13th until the end of June.

Every show unique and different -- All performances and the year they were created and toured are listed below and begin at 21:30h Ticket price 8€ plus membership 3€ (for 1 year) R.A.I. Theater, C/ Carders 12, 08003 Barcelona tel: 932 681 321 -

As part of the 8º Festival de Teatre del Casc Antic, Jango will perform a selection of his classic sketches taken from shows he has presented during the past 40 years of his career and explain his 'One Lifetime' retrospect project at the RAI.

04 nov -- HOLEY MOLEY
A music based show, originally performed with a 5 piece rock and roll band. Featuring the hard-of-hearing heavy metal group 'D.E.A.F.', the Spanish magician Juan Edwardo Gonzalez, clown rap “Laugh Your Ass Off” by Mr. E and Benny Buns, the worlds strongest man.

Jango's first performing show, with Nola Rae and the London Black Theater Company. White face, black leotards and effects in ultra violet light. Classic mime pieces include 'Chairs', 'After death' and the 'Western...

18 nov -- LOONEY TOURS
A project originally created for the 'Juste pour Rire' festival in Montreal, takes the audience on a tour of the streets during which they encounter re-enactments of little known events from the history of the city.

25 nov -- I LAUGH YOU
One of Jango's strangest and funniest shows. From the arrival of an elephant alien in a pyramid spaceship, through the dawn of man to Jesus H Christ, the fly-away carpenter, the Ambassador of Food and a musical version of Nuclear Arms (and terrific legs).

02 dec -- BIG BOSS
The most recent creation with Jango directing and performing with the company Passabarret from Valls Tarragona. Presenting a funeral, a circus and a wedding. Created as a moving, street event with an all purpose gipsy car, the RAI version will be performed on stage.

Jango's original horror show with slide projections and a 3 piece band. In the RAI Jango will present the 'Haunted House', the 'Suicide', 'Stinky Stankovitch' and his cruel clothes and the epic, opera drama 'Rudolf and Valentina'.

Johnny Melville and Jango Edwards continue to fool around the cinema. Check out Parade of Fools for the latest on their movie!

Johnny Melville Reporting from his Workshop!

I am in Italy at a village called the land of laughs (Monte San Giusto) lots of clown madness happening -- Michael Christensen is here, Big Apple Circus founder ...

Monte San Giusto is a small village in the Italians mountains ... and they are crazy for clown. A huge red nose hangs off the clock tower, hundreds of houses hang balloons, clown effigies, puppets, colored windows, and everywhere people are hungry for the year's new crazies for the festival.

What's next for Johnny: November clown festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz, capital of Álava province in Northern Spain – and of the autonomous Basque region.

Across The Blue Horizon ...

Program Collection Project -- Festival of Fools 1975 to 1984. (Thanks to Ed Baker, Marion Onnekink, and TIN/Cor Schlosser)
An online collection of the programs from the Festival of Fools -- searchable, downloadable PDFs.

Percussionist Linda Anton Curtis plays Salsa Music every month, and goes dancing at the Gold Coast in Florida USA. Linda's friend and fellow Festival of Fools artist Ellen Beier illustrated a book titled The Christmas Coat.

Stuart Curtis' satellite page about the Hamburg production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats is LINKED on the Outline and Scrapbook page of the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Saga-- plus the Handy Table of Contents.

Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams, features music by friends Sean Bergin and Ernst Reiseger!

Karen Quest -- riding the USA fair circuit with Cowgirl Tricks. In Mid-October, she played THE PALACE -- Cow Palace, that is, in San Francisco!

Watch out for more dynamic fun from the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus!

Ringmistress Philomena presenting her Red Nose Award (NOT the Pac Man Prize)

Nina (Bird Woman) Cheney on the Eagle Optics Blog.

Check out Nina Cheney's Page from the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Outline & Scrapbook.

A deeper blue lies across the blue horizon: Treat yourself to Justin Hunter Case in Sydney, Australia!

Classic Parliament-Funkadelic & Funky Disciples:

Shaunna Hall's Electrofunkadelica -- Tune in and listen while you surf the 'Net!

Besides George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, keep your eyes open for the Eric McFadden Trio; Kim Manning's band on the West Coast; Richie "Shakin" Nagan out of NYC; Freekbass touring out of Cincinnati; Gabe (420) Gonzales gigging out of Detroit; Greg Boyer (Working quite a bit with Chuck Brown in Washington DC); Maceo Parker (Everywhere); DJ Soul Sister in New Orleans; Lady Miss Kier Kirby out of NYC.

On Funky, Funky, Fillmore: RonKat Spearman & Katdelic, with Miss Sugar Booty 2011, and the Sugar Booty Dancers -- one of whom is Rasa Vitalia. Look at HER schedule:
10/1/11, 11a Ren Faire! Hollister, CA
10/2/11, 11a Sac WorldMusicFest! Sacramento,CA
10/2/11, 2p Veggie Fest! San Francisco, CA
10/2/11, 4p Castro St Fair! San Francisco, CA
10/6/11, 7p Live Music Concert! Felton,CA
10/8/11, 1p Sebastopol, CA
10/9/11, 11a Rasa Dance Workshop!Moss Beach, CA
10/11/11, 8p Seduction Feroce,
10/12/11, 9p Cabaret Rouge, Byron, CA
10/13/11 8p Lillte MInsky's,
10/16/11,7p Sunday Soul Sessions! San Francisco
10/20/11, 8p Momi Toby's. 528 Laguna SF.
10/22/11,11p Katdelic @ (Halloween Hat Party!)
10/26/11, 8p,
10/29,10a RasaDanceWorkshop!San Francisco
10/29/11,9p Gypsy Beat Show! San Francisco

Webmaster Michael's E-Portfolio -- Check out DANCE HISTORIES!

(This blog continues to be be updated after the initial publication date.)

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