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2012 Begins in Earnest, and On Planet Earth Too

This year owns different numbers in different cultures, and starts on different days, but it is still THIS YEAR!

ALL the Programs from the Festival of Fools -- 1975 to 1984.
An online collection of the programs from the Festival of Fools -- searchable, downloadable PDFs. (Thanks to Ed Baker, Marion Onnekink, Cor Schlösser, Sherif El Safourny, and T.I.N.)

(L to R) Paddy, Margaret, Daniel, and Webmaster Michael on parade, with hundreds of other fools in Amsterdam -- June 1977

Write your OWN memories: On the BLOG or at the dedicated page on FACEBOOK !

Dansimprovisatie Utrecht (DIU)
Workshop Instant Composition & Performance with Katie Duck & Alfredo Genevosi
January 13, 14 & 15, 2012

This workshop is accompanied with live electric guitar and electronics of Alfredo Genevosi and will finish with 3 performances of the students.
NIEUWJAARSDUIK Culturele Zondagen.
Location: FORT B, Kapelweg 7 in Utrecht
Schedule: 10.30 - 17.30 o'clock
Price: € 170
Info & Application:

Katie Duck & Alfredo Genovesi with Lee Miri.

Manuela Tessa told me about THIS event!

Julyen Hamilton, digitized from the film HUNTED by Haim Adri.

Julyen Hamilton, Katie Duck, Alfredo Genovesi
Thursday January 19, 2012 -- OT301 (Overtoom 301 Amsterdam, Holland) Starts: 21:00 hrs Entrance: 6 euro

Katie & Alfredo in Glasgow, Scotland, Nux - The work room. January 27 and 28
This workshop finishes with a performance on Sunday Jan 28 Arches
£70/ student £60 For more information and registration:

Kenzo Kasuda and Kristina Norri at Studio Seven -- Magpie Summer Improvisational Workshop 2011

Crimes and Casualties
(dance and performance) Katie Duck, Kenzo Kusuda, and the band "Whale Oil" featuring: Alfredo Genovesi (guitar and electronics). Gerri Jaeger (drums), Viljam Nybacka (bass). February 2 Thursday OT301 Amsterdam 21:00 6€

Duck Allies

Sharon Smith and Robbert "Rock" Van Hulzen!

Sharon Smith still tours with Gob Squad -- She and the "Squad" are in New York City this month, starting with Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival.
See Sharon Smith & Felicity Croydon's amazing site (Updated Flash Required)
Here's a link to her Recent Work with Tom Parkinson.

Silvia Bennett, digitized from her Facebook site by M.E.

Weekly class with: Silvia Bennett (It), dancer and choreographer Monika Stepak, Shiatsu therapist and Okido Yoga docent.
Every Wednesday -- Overtoom 301 Amsterdam
Starts: 18:00 h - 20.00 h Entrance: 12.00 euro or 4 x 40.00 euro

Cosmic Dance by Sylvain Meret
Full Course: 18 January 2012 until 28 of June 2012
If you wish to try it out the classes for free I'll give 2 open classes
January 14 Saturday 16:30 to 17:15 studio 2 and January 15 Sunday 18:00 to 18:45 studio 1A
Global Dans Lab Amsterdam
Contact: / 06-14 10 23 37

Take a look at Sylvan's website too!

Starting February 2 18:00-20:00 every Thursday -- Sylvain Meret Cosmic dance class Studio Seven Amsterdam.

Melvin Fraenk is teaching regular Hip Hop classes at Amsterdam Dance Center too!

Contemporary Dance Classes (Advance Level) by Rakesh MPS
Wednesday, November 2 at 8:00am - Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 9:30am
Latin Dance India -- 80 feet rd, Koramangala Bangalore, India
These classes will focus on a variety of contemporary dance techniques such as Release, Double Skin, Double Mind, Flying Low as well as partnering, improvisation and choreography.

Violist Noortje Köhne, Abhilash Ningappa, and Rakesh !

Please note that all participants from these classes can perform (its optional) at the end of 3 months in a production put up by Rakesh. Visit

Digital watercolor of Lily Kiara (L) and Lee Miri (R) by M.E.

Women of Substance Radio is playing two of Lily Kiara's songs: Cradle Me and New Day throughout the next three months! Every Tuesday at Triple A Show and Fridays at New Acoustic Shows. Lily says: Have a listen. There is lots of great music to discover there!

Dancer Carla Behal was in Algorta, Spain (Basque country) during late December.

Alfredo, Carla, and the mysterious moving microphone.

Chris Torch is gearing up for another year!
For more info about the next CORNERS event -- see INTERCULT (Sweden)

Barsham Faire and Albion Faire, East Anglia UK

George-O at Barsham Fair 1975, from a photo supplied by Johnny Melville.

CONTEXT: Barsham Faire is where George-O first met Johnny Melville, which eventually led to Kaboodle and Salatka Balloon Band coming to Amsterdam's Festival of Fools.
There is quite an active group documenting these East Anglian Fairs!
They made an informative Website,
but are collaborating on said exhibition via their blog HERE

Speaking of Friends (Roadshow and Mobile): Davey Norket is featuring The Friends Story: 'According to Dave' on his already-fun Website! (Click on the letter "U" to go forward, or "T" to go back.)

(L to R) Ted Van Zutphen has been sojourning "Down Under," while Rick Parets visited Amsterdam in December and January.
This photo is from De Kosmos circa 1975.

Footsbarn Theatre & Fellow Travelers:


When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
The Dream ... to tour India in a Tent
First Performance: 01 11 2012

Footsbarn family member Rhona Pearce, and extended Footie relatives Ton and Kirschen's in Germany are getting ready to tour their new show LA LUNA.
Word is that Colombia is on the waybill too, with Julie Beirye.

Another related company Buchinger's Boot Theatre are in Marseilles, presenting a new show called Petrology. (Watch the preview below.)

Buchinger's Boot Theatre

Footsbarn veteran Daniel Rovai is in Amsterdam, singing cabaret -- check out his movie Silent Sonata. (Slow Loader)

French allies The Improfessionals are starting their new season -- Clara McBride is carrying on the role Eavan Brennan and Natalie Portman are playing. They are performing at the Antipode: Five Wednesdays: Jan 25, Feb 29, Mar 28, Apr 25, May 30.

The formidable ladies of Dublin, Ireland are still spinning records and performing around the capitol city, while Roseanne Lynch studies in London!

Rachel, Roseanne, and a couple of friends at a special Luncheon On The Grass during Ms. Lynch's holiday visit. They're really cut-out for this kind of activity!

Sex, Drugs and Racing Pigeons!
Sandra is late, Tim's in love, Sue's back on the gear, where will it end?
Eska Riada presents Billy The Boat Loves Angelina, a new play by Isobel Mahon, directed by Caroline Fitzgerald, with Gina Costigan, Rachel-Mae Brady and Kevin Shackleton.
Jan 16th - Jan 21st Preview Mon 16th @ 8 pm The New Theatre: Dublin 43 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland
Great reviews in Le Cool and Metro Herald (Dublin).

Footsbarn/Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Alumnus Gregg Moore opened his musical vaults on the Internet:

Look and listen on Relevant Music.
Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe; Friends Big Band; Available Jelly; and even MOORE to come.

Nouveau Clowns

Barcelona's Kras Pataklan administrates a Facebook page alerting all and sundry to performances of the Worldwide Baggy Pants Krewe called Clowns On The Road AKA (EN EL CAMÍ/EN EL CAMINO). Get your translating pages ready though -- the posts can be in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Italian, German or even English!

Karin "Pipa" Wimmer and Sorcas Quircas are wintering near Munich.

Sorcas Quircas Facebook Page

Clown Cabaret -- Monthly at The Shop at Fort Fringe 607 New York Ave, NW Washington, District of Columbia
Created By: Karen Beriss, Rich Potter, Matthew Paul, with appearances by Nouveau Clown Mandy Dalton.

More Nouveau Clowning

Cindy Marler Edwards and Jango Edwards in Tunisia circa 1980.

ONE LIFETIME - 40 Years of Entertainment
Jango Edwards' career retrospective will restart in January, and run until the end of June.

"FESTIVAL OF FOOLS" · By Jango Edwards
R.A.I. Theater Barcelona, Spain tel: 932 681 321 -- web:

From the first Festival of Fools program -- Design by Charlie Jungbauer 1975. I actually worked backstage for this show.

The Festival Fools -- an International Nouveau Clown Gala
To inaugurate the 2nd edition of the “One Lifetime-40 Years of Entertainment” series and celebrate the 37th anniversary of the original Festival of Fools Amsterdam. Jango will host a parade of renowned clowns from the global Nouveau Clown family.
Guest artists include: Laura Herts, Cristi Garbo, Claudia Cantone, Mila von Chobiak, Dr. Mad, Vanlentino Rossi, Guillem Sobrepera, Stefano Iaboni, Jango Edwards and more.

Cabaret Snitzel at the Circus & Clown Museum - Vienna, Austria
January 21; February 23, 24 -- Michael Swatosch, Jango Edwards, Andreas Squaretoes, Tanja Anna Simma etc.

2012 - The Clown Tribe of a New Paradigm is a unique opportunity to train for 10 days with two of the leading teachers of the N.C.I., Johnny Melville & Jango Edwards - who are veterans of stage and screen with thousands of hours of performing experience and success, and who still perform around the globe as comedy surges through their blood and love through their hearts.

March 7th to 17th, 2012:
March 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (Johnny Melville)
March 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 (Jango Edwards)

Barcelona (Spain) C/Tallers, 55
Info and reservations: Cristina --
T-0034 661111127

Johnny Melville and Jango Edwards continue to fool around the cinema. Check out Parade of Fools for the latest on their movie!

Johnny Melville is spending the rest of January in sunny Santiago, Chile.

Johnny was also in Chile doing the Valparaiso Workshop and Festival Invasion Callejeros -- Picture: Johnny Melville with Celeste Olivia, Merioneta Violeta, Loreto Pacheco, Romi Lenka, Guarelia Vende Pomá, Rocío de Selva, Savka Plancić, Daniela Cornejo Morales, La Nati, and Rafael Brozz in and Festival Invasion Callejeros.

Across The Blue Horizon ...

Percussionist Linda Anton Curtis continues to play Salsa Music every month, and goes dancing at the Gold Coast in Florida USA.

Linda's friend and fellow Festival of Fools artist Ellen Beier illustrated a book titled The Christmas Coat. Look at her work HERE!

Stuart Curtis invited one and all to: Annual Non-Presidents Ball Saturday Dec 17 from 8:30pm-? Music will be provided by the El Kabong Orchestra ... Proceeds go to the Oregon Food Share.

Stuart's satellite page about the Hamburg production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats is LINKED on the Outline and Scrapbook page of the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Saga -- See the
Handy of Contents.

NEW from the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus:

Dixon Place Presents -- Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show
First Monday of Every Month, starts January 2, 2012
Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street, New York, NY
Door $5 (suggested donation) Showtime: 8 pm

Much more than a simple song and dance. Bindlestiffs Open Stage Variety Show is a non stop variety show experience that may include The Heavy Metal Magician, Kung Fu juggling, trained rats, clown bands, aerial artists, wire walkers, sideshow performers, stripping clowns, living cartoons, physical comedy, a cougar contortionist, emerging burlesque starlets, and more. The show celebrates works in progress, emerging artists, and professionals trying something new, this night promises many surprises.

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret is returning to Club Helsinki (Hudson, NY). Second Friday of the month January through March.

Nina (Bird Woman) Cheney on the Eagle Optics Blog.

Check out Nina Cheney's Page from the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Outline & Scrapbook.

A deeper blue lies across the blue horizon: Treat yourself to Justin Hunter Case in Sydney, Australia!

Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams, features music by friends Sean Bergin and Ernst Reiseger! MORE INFO HERE

Classic Parliament-Funkadelic & Funky Disciples:

Shaunna Hall's Electrofunkadelica -- Tune in and listen while you surf the 'Net!

Bandleader (and occasional P-Funk All-Star) Eric McFadden

Besides George and the P-Funk All-Stars, keep your eyes open for the Eric McFadden Trio and RonKat Spearman's Katdelic from San Francisco; Kim Manning's band from the West Coast; Richie "Shakin" Nagan out of NYC; Freekbass touring out of Cincinnati, home of community activist William (Bootsy) Collins; PFAS lead singer Steve Boyd's solo work; Gabe (420) Gonzales gigging out of Detroit; Greg Boyer (Working quite a bit with Chuck Brown in Washington DC); Maceo Parker (Everywhere); DJ Soul Sister in New Orleans; Lady Miss Kier Kirby out of NYC.

Webmaster Michael's E-Portfolio -- Check out DANCE HISTORIES!

(This blog continues to be be updated after the initial publication date.)

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