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Autumn In The Northern Hemisphere!

Webmaster Michael Is Out Walking

After that's done, he'll tell about: Magpie's Summer Workshops; Sharon Smith & Gob Squad's visit to the West Coast (Best Coast) of the USA; Footsbarn Theatre; Nouveau Clowns like Jango Edwards, Johnny Melville, Karin Pipa Angermeyer, etc; Troupers Stu Curtis, Gregg Moore, Paul Blackwell, Patsy Droubay, Hillary Elmore Carrier, and Amsterdam offshoots of the Festival of Fools; Friends Roadshow alums like Linda Anton Curtis, Stan Haywood, and their various friends; The lovely allied ladies of Dublin, Ireland; John Towsen's Physical Comedy Blog; New York's Bindlestiff Family Cirkus -- Not to mention the Parliament-Funkadelic Mob (oops, I just did).

OK, just one --
Katie Duck dedicated this dance to her dear friend Patsy Droubay, who tries to help the children in our recession-plagued times:
Traces of Casualty - Performance/Exhibition with Hannah Joris, Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi
5 - 7 October | Friday 19:00 - 22:00 | Saturday 14:00 - 18:00 | Sunday 14:00 - 18:00
Performance - Friday 19:00 - 22:00 (free admission)
Steinbeisser -- Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy - Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Amsterdam

(Above) Partial image from the performance. See more at
Day-UM -- That pale makeup sure reminds me of the Mime Troupe daze -- Webmaster Michael highly approves!

Back to it, Mike --

How Late Do You Have To Be Before You're Absent?

Next for Katie and Alfredo:
October 28 Sunday 14:30 Utrecht Jong, Jonger, Jongst Performance
Iris van Peppen and Katie Duck (dance) with Alfredo Genovesi (guitar and electronics) Grand Hotel Karel V Geertebolwerk 1 Utrecht, Holland

November 4 Sunday 15:30 zaal 100 Cafe Amsterdam Alfredo Genovesi (electric guitar and electronics) Katie Duck and Melvin Fraenk (dance)

THIS Duck is flying North next month:

In.Da.Work.S presents: Improvisation workshop with (Magpie) Katie Duck (dance/performance) and Alfredo Genovesi (musician/performance)
For Professional performers and musicians or students in pro training / Venue in Glasgow TBC Price: £90/ student £80 / early bird discount -- if booked before October 15 (£80 full price / £70 students) November 23, 24, 25 Friday 18:00 to 21:00 / Saturday and Sunday 11:00 to 17:00 / The workshop will end with an informal showing in the venue.
Interested? Contact:

Katie & Alfredo will conduct their Christmas Workshop in Amsterdam too.

Summer Fun in Amsterdam

Webmaster Michael went to William Sutton's Shakespeare Karaoke on a night off -- Lord Burghley's spy took this picture of Michael in the audience, wearing one of his infamous baseball hats:

ALL the Programs from the Festival of Fools -- 1975 to 1984.
An online collection of the programs from the Festival of Fools -- searchable, downloadable PDFs. (Thanks to Ed Baker, Marion Onnekink, Cor Schlösser, Sherif El Safourny, and T.I.N.)

Duck Allies

Sharon Smith and Gob Squad toured the West Coast of the USA with their interactive take on Warhol's goofy film The Kitchen.

I Am A Fish!

26, 27 October 2012, 20: 30 The Veem Theatre of diemenstraat 410 1013 CR Amsterdam Maps are available through the website of the Veem Theatre Idea, dance, text: Lily Kiara text in cooperation with Michiel Klein Nulent music: one musician plays every evening: 26 October-Michael Moore: clarinet, saxophone 27 October-Felicity Provan: trumpet, voice light design: Ellen Knops Advice: Jeroen Fabius

(Below) Carla Behal performing Violenca in Amsterdam:

Iris van Peppen also leads a dance improvisation company in Utrecht, and she shot this wonderful photo featuring another Magpie collaborator, Susan Van Den Berg:

Katie's Indian Ambassador Abhilash Ningappa on video:

Jaina Cavendish choreographed this video awhile back -- wonder how'd she'd do this kind of thing after Magpie's 2012 Summer Workshop?

Guido Van Hout learned a lot at Magpie's 2011 Summer Workshop, and is "taking it to the streets!"

What else is Abhilash up to?

Kristina Norri (Above, with Alfredo and Kage) tells about her recent and upcoming work:
I worked in Seefestspiele Carmen as a dancer (choreographer called Marc Bogaerts) and next month I will make a short production called Tuulipukudisco with a Finnish choreographer called Pauliina Silvennoinen.

Manuela Tessi performed in Monique Cornwell's Six Songs Part IV -- The Raven at Maarten Luther Kerk in Amsterdam on October 25.

Footsbarn Theatre & Associates

Footsbarn stopped in Holland and England during their tour of The Indian Tempest -- that big truck behind FB's rig is owned by the UK chain-store Marks and Spenser.

The Improfessionals are starting a new season, with Clara McBride (R) back in the lineup after giving birth last Winter.

Daniel Rovai, Jimmy Sernesky, Stan Haywood, and other veteran Fools livening up the Palace of Depression:

Nouveau Clowns

Johnny Melville (center) has been teaching workshops in Spain, Holland, and also making movies.

Jango's head seems to be in the same ol' place it's always been, and is touring Europe with Cristi Garbo (Right); At the Left is Nouveau Clown and ex-cop Claudia Cantone -- her husband probably shot Jango -- uh, this picture!

Nouveau Clown "Pipa" is now named Karin Angermeyer:

Pipa's recent tour wended its way back through Ireland temporarily.

Sean Bergin (1948 - 2012)

Here's Sean, holding his daughter Thembi, at Friends Farm near Milan Michigan circa 1975, with Stanley Ted Edwards, Michael Novotny, and an un-named neighbor:

Across The Blue Horizon

Trouper Stuart Curtis is playing music in Corvallis, Oregon -- that photo below belongs to HIM!

Speaking of the trombone, Trouper Gregg Moore, with his still-new Masters Degree from Harvard, is teaching around Arcata, California!

Look and listen to Gregg's "Ratty Old Tapes" on Relevant Music.
Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe; Friends Big Band; Available Jelly; and even MOORE to come.

Joan Merwin (R) re-united with Celia McCarthy (L) in Fools Unlimited at the NY Clown Theatre Festival.

Cowgirl Tricks' Karen Quest toured the fairgrounds of the hot dry Western USA all summer and into the Autumn.

Check out scholar John Towsen's wonderfully fun Craft and Art of Physical Comedy NOTE: John organized the NY Clown Theatre Festival (above).

The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus are touring the Eastern USA, and running their variety cabaret at Dixon Place in New York.

Percussionist Linda Anton Curtis in Florida:

Watch for Mandy Dalton and the Washington D.C. Clown's Cabaret too!

Classic Parliament-Funkadelic & Funky Disciples:

Uncle Jam wants YOU to register, and to vote for the only presidential candidate who will fight at all for us in the 99% (Now where have I seen a picture of that guy before?)

Shaunna Hall's Electrofunkadelica -- Tune in and listen while you surf the 'Net!

Besides the P-Funk All-Stars, keep your eyes open for the Eric McFadden Trio and RonKat Spearman's Katdelic from San Francisco; Graceful dancer Rasa Vitalia around The 'Bay; Kim Manning from the West Coast; Richie "Shakin" Nagan and the 420 Funk Mob out of New York. Freekbass touring out of Cincinnati, home of community activist William (Bootsy) Collins; PFAS lead singer Steve Boyd's solo work; Caddy Carol & Gabe (420) Gonzales gigging out of Detroit; Maceo Parker (Everywhere); DJ Soul Sister in New Orleans; Lady Miss Kier Kirby out of NYC -- touring in Europe this spring!

Webmaster Michael's E-Portfolio -- Check out DANCE HISTORIES!

(This blog continues to be be updated after the initial publication date.)

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