Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great Salt Lake Mime Troupers

This is a scrapbook for all former members and friends of the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe to contribute photos and write memories.
Please contact me (Mike Evans) to arrange easy access to this site, and then follow Blogspot's directions for contributing. Anybody can read these pages and make comments.

The original Salt Lake Mime Troupe, as pictured in the Salt Lake Tribune in April of 1973, just before I started working with the group: Jim Anderson is at the far left, and then there are nine more -- Top Row: Evy Tessman, Patsy Droubay, and Stephanie. 2nd Row: Wendy Loring, musician Franklin Tomorrow, and Matt Child. 3rd Row: Musician/singer Becky Bernson, Katie Apenzeller/Berger AKA Katie Duck, finally musician Steve Rasmussen. There were a few others who weren't in this picture -- like musician Paul Blackwell, musician Jeff, dancer Duffy, and Wendy's corps of Modern Dancers, who performed an animated Pop Art painting in our first concert.

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