Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Complete Saga is Online

I invited a whole slew of Troupers, Friends, etc.
Let's see who posts and comments.
If you wish to contact me by email, it is at the bottom of EVERY Saga page.

Festival of Fools 1976

(Click to enlarge the image.)


  1. Excellent. I was wondering if this (larger) gathering was still around! Amazing.... we should get this one tagged on FaceBook! I see quite a few faces, that I can't match...

  2. Copy it and post it on Facebook -- I think you know more faces than I do.

  3. huh, I better ask cor schloesser for the negative so i can print out in such a way I get visible too, behind right corner of top left window.and in the process make a giant size print to hang over the entrance of jango's new clown institute in barcelona
    and in the process backtracking people and hear out their stories since