Friday, December 18, 2009


Jango on stage in Amsterdam


  1. Jango as "The Dope" (I think)

    Thanks Ellen -- as Mark Knopfler and Sting sang it:
    "That's the Way ya' Do it!

  2. Just a few further details about what happened to some of these people:

    John Fischer got a degree in accounting from University of Utah, moved to the Detroit area, and last I heard, was working for Deloitte and Tousche as a CPA. He had just bought himself a grand piano last time I talked to him, which would have been about 1993.

    Jimmy Sernesky continued on in the music scene in Amsterdam, and played with Pidgeon Drop for some years. Gregg probably knows better than I what he is up to now, but I believe he is still in Amsterdam and still playing.

  3. Thanks to YOU, Stu!
    I've added these words to the "Outline" page.