Friday, April 9, 2010

Ernst Reiseger -- A Fine Fellow on the Cello!

Ernst Reiseger sent me almost a dozen photos from one of the very last performances by The Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe in 1980. (L to R) George was working with Otto, Katie had moved to Florence with Tristan, and Ernst was working with Sean Bergin, which he still does on occasion. (Michael Moore would come along with these three for a later gig in Berlin.)
Ernst writes: I guess they have been taken in Rome, Teatro In Trastevere. There is one name ... Dominique VĂ©rin, maybe the person who took the photo.

Katie is working in County Devon, England this weekend, in her old haunts at Dartington Hall, near Totnes and the lovely village of Buckfastleigh. Ernst is enroute to Portugal, but he took the time to contribute his photos to the Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe Saga before he left.

Thanks a million, Ernst! I will make a full web page featuring all these photos very, very soon.

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