Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Further Around the Globe with Katie Duck

From Portraits, as performed by Alfredo Genovesi and Katie Duck (foreground) with associated dancers (midground) in Amsterdam, Holland circa 2009. Projected images by Ilaria Honsinger.

Katie Duck -- Workshop and Performance at Schwelle 7 Berlin, Germany Monday - Friday, April 12 to 16, 2010, 12 am - 6pm

From Schwelle 7's Website:
"Over the past 10 years (Katie's) workshops have been titled “Improvisation” in order to emphasis her views on theater as a live art form reflective of how she executes her own professional performances. Her research is placed in practice with lectures containing her recent interest in brain studies and film ...

Katie’s workshops are aimed toward all dancers, performers and musicians. She does not aim to provide a technique or style for how one conducts them-self in a live performance. Her work is relevant for any performance situation without discrimination for levels or performance platforms. She does ask that anyone who chooses to study with her have an intense interest in the work and is willing to experiment and take risks with the material she offers.

Her warm-up and exercises emphasis how the eyes and the ears work in co ordination with movement, sound and exposure to gathered crowds altering our perception of time, space, feelings and emotions. Improvisation sessions revolve around the terms pause, flow, exit, choice and presence with discussions articulating play, memory and intuition.

(Katie's) aim is to provide a situation where artists can practice together and grow in confidence toward public performances with an objective to clarify that improvisation is not the antitheses of choreography or composition, but rather the way choreography and composition can be executed. She promotes to her students that the mental connection to the practice of improvisation can be accessed weather they are doing set or open framed performance pieces and that the definitions of what improvisation within art practices means today needs to be reflective to advances in brain-studies and technology.

For the workshop at Schwelle 7 Katie will be accompanied by Musician Alfredo Genovesi.

On Saturday, April, 17 at 8:30 pm, Katie Duck will show the solo performance Portraits alongside with a piece developed with participants of the workshop during the week."

Next on her very busy schedule:

April 23-May 2 Seoul, Korea, 10th Seoul International Dance Festival

May 7-10 Workshop Milan, Italy
Talka - Performance May 8

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